Group Training

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Small group training classes are available to clients at all fitness levels and abilities, from the novice to the advanced exerciser. Maki provides sound instruction in basic fundamentalsprogressing to advanced exercise movements. A variety of training formats and modalities are used, such as circuit traininghigh intensity interval training and boot camp. You will learn how to use fitness equipment, like the TRX suspension trainer, TRX Rip trainer, kettlebellssandbell and heavy ropes. Small group training is a fun, time and cost effective way to train and reach your health and fitness goals. Additionally, Maki offers weight loss and fall prevention programs in group classes.


Personal Training







Personal training services can be one-on-one, duet or trio sessions. Maki offers a baseline health assessment and uses your personal health profile to establish goals and create your individualized exercise program. Your training sessions are designed to motivate, educate and help you reach your goals by focusing on form, function and proper technique.

Expected client outcomes
Improve your

• Muscular strength 
• Muscular endurance 
• Cardiovascular endurance 
• Flexibility and range of motion
• Lean muscle mass 
• Sports performance
• Balance and coordination 
• Activities of daily living (ADL’s)
Decrease your:
• Body fat percentage
• Pain and discomfort 
• Dependence on medication 

Wellness Coaching







What is Wellcoaching?

Wellcoaching is a relationship that leverages the power of conversation and positivity to help individuals reach meaningful and fulfilling goals. Coaches are collaborative partners helping their clients reach higher levels of physical, emotional and mental well-being. 

Four reasons why people work with a coach:

1. The demands of everyday life have become greater, which decreases an individual’s ability to create time for doing what they enjoy. Working with a coach can help you schedule time to do activities that enhance your well-being and bring purpose to your life.
2. Currently, there is a plethora of health and wellness guidelines, products and services. This abundance of information can make it overwhelming and difficult to create a wellness plan. You and your coach will establish a clear plan that is specific and manageable; your coach provides a step-by-step pathway toward goal achievement.
3. There are both known and unforeseen obstacles that cause ambivalence, resistance and confusion in life, making it nearly impossible to see that change is possible. Your coach will help you navigate through these barriers by developing strategies and harnessing your strengths to overcome challenges.
4. Some individuals may have previously experienced repeated failures and believe that they cannot master their weight and overall health goals. With the coach’s guidance, individuals will begin to see prior failures as opportunities to learn and grow. A coach will help you set realistic and achievable goals and work to unveil your natural impulse to be well.

Maki can help with any of the following areas:

• Overall health
• Physical fitness
• Emotional and mental health
• Weight loss and maintenance
• Nutrition
• Stress and energy levels
• Sleep habits
• Life satisfaction

 Expected client outcomes

• Increased selfawareness and knowledge
• Acquisition of new knowledge and skills
• Attainment of personal and professional goals
• Sustainable behavior change
• Increased life satisfaction and self-efficacy
• Becoming ones “Best Self”


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Quote of the Month

"Movement is a medicine for creating change in a person's physical, emotional, and mental states." --Carol Welch

Fitness Fact!

Change your exercise routine every 4-6 weeks to prevent training plateaus – For example, manipulate the training variables, such as the amount of weight, number of sets or repetitions and rest periods between sets and sessions. Changing one or all of your exercises can make a huge difference and give you measurable progress in strength, power and sport performance. Adding something new can also decrease your risk of injury and keep you motivated to stick with your exercise program. Keep your workouts varied. Have fun and stay interested!
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